Will Outpatient Rehab For Men Be A Good Choice For Me?

Substance abuse is a serious affliction that requires support from friends, family and doctors. While it’s important for those suffering from addiction to get help, not everyone will have the same journey to sobriety. An intensive outpatient rehab for men provides many unique advantages to adult men who need professional help as they kick destructive habits.

What To Know About Outpatient Rehab For Men

Unlike inpatient care, outpatient rehab doesn’t require individuals to remain at a rehab center overnight for treatment. Patients will go to the facility approximately three days a week for treatment. A typical program can last 30 to 90 days, depending on the level of addiction.

An IOP provides much of the same concentrated care offered by a traditional inpatient program. Doctors will start by performing a medical assessment. If a medically supervised detox is necessary, the doctor will make the proper arrangements. Patients can expect the daily treatment visits to last several hours.

Benefits Of Outpatient Rehab For Men

Being confined to a residential for several weeks of inpatient care is simply not feasible for many men who have jobs, families and other responsibilities. Outpatient rehab for men offers the necessary flexibility for patients who don’t require 24-hour monitoring.

While being separated from potential triggers is important for some addiction sufferers, too much isolation can be harmful for others. Many studies show that friends and family can provide essential support for patients recovering from substance abuse. IOPs will enable individuals to maintain access to supportive loved ones. Not only can this inspire motivation, it can also help patients restore healthy relationships.

For many men struggling with addiction, staying connected to the routine and comfort of home life is vital. An outpatient treatment regimen can be customized to meet specific scheduling needs. Since morning and afternoon sessions will be available, men will be able to fit in treatment around other commitments. In addition, individuals who wish to keep their recoveries private will have that option.

Outpatient rehab for men will include both one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions at the rehab facility. During the group sessions, patients will be able to meet with other men who are also recovering or making the transition into independent living. Some other common treatment services include access to a family coordinator and outside specialists as needed for treating the whole man.

Why Outpatient Rehab May Be The Best Choice For You

When privacy, having access to loved ones and being able to stay connected to home life is necessary for recovery, an IOP will be the best fit. While outpatient rehab for men doesn’t involve staying overnight in a rehab facility, patients will still be getting intensive treatment that requires sacrifice and motivation. Of course, all the hard work will pay off once sobriety is achieved.

No matter what kind of treatment program appeals to you, taking that first step toward healthy living is most important. Contact Us to learn more about the benefits of outpatient rehab for men.