Is Drug Addiction a Disease?

Is drug addiction a disease?

The debate over “is drug addiction a disease” or a choice is not new. For decades, researchers have offered evidence to support both theories. Why is the answer to this question so important? It can help formulate a plan for combatting the nationwide epidemic of drug addiction and misuse. Over 20 million Americans have a substance use…

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What is an Intensive Outpatient Program Like?

What is an intensive outpatient program like

Are you currently dealing with a mental health disorder, an addiction, or a substance abuse issue? Maybe you’re weighing your options, one being a treatment program, such as an intensive outpatient program (IOP). But what is an intensive outpatient program like and how will it benefit you? Let’s find out. Considering an Intensive Outpatient Program…

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Why Depression is More than Being Sad

Why depression is more than being sad

Sadness is a three-step process involving your brain, body, and behaviors. However, when it comes to depression, it’s more than just being sad. Physiological Response of Being Sad Suppose you are given the news that your best friend is moving across the country. Suppose you lose the pet that has been with you for years.…

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Summer Seasonal Depression: 7 Tips

Summer seasonal depression: 7 tips

Summer seasonal depression is a real thing. It is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), summer blues, or Reverse SAD. According to Mental Health America, 5% of Americans are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, most being affected in the winter and summer months. Also, four out of five people with SAD are women. Many Americans look…

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Channeling Yoga for Addiction and Healing

Channeling yoga for addiction and healing

Reports show yoga is popular in America. The most common reasons for practicing yoga are stress, trauma relief, and becoming more flexible. Alternatively, yoga for addiction is used as a treatment option for those suffering from an alcohol disorder or drug misuse. Currently, there are 36 million Americans practicing yoga and 100,000 registered yoga teachers.…

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Family Roles in Addiction for Recovery

Family roles in addiction for recovery

It’s true when you hear people say their family played a role in their addiction. Everyone affected by addiction plays a part in either helping them maintain their addiction or recovery. But, how do we define family roles in addiction for recovery, and what effects do they have? 6 Types of Family Roles in Addiction…

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9 Signs You Might be Addicted to Sex

9 signs you might be addicted to sex

The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM5), created by the American Psychiatric Association, does not list sex addiction or being addicted to sex as a diagnosable mental health disorder. However, it exists and is a real problem for many Americans. Research suggests between 5% and 7% of Americans are affected by an addiction to…

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10 Strategies for Substance Abuse Prevention

10 strategies for substance abuse prevention

Whether you are trying to practice substance abuse prevention for the first time or preventing relapse, there are strategies to help. Like overcoming any other physical or mental health condition, it takes effort. If you aren’t constantly trying to stay sober, small triggers start to build upon one another, and eventually, they overpower you. Millions…

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Exploring an Outpatient Treatment Program for Addiction

Exploring an outpatient treatment program for addiction

Have you been contemplating seeking treatment for a substance use disorder but can’t go to an inpatient detox or rehab? Consider an outpatient treatment program for addiction. Treatment centers recognize not everyone that needs help during early recovery can spend weeks away from home at an inpatient program. They also recognize there is no one-size-fits-all…

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Gambling Addiction Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

Gambling Addiction Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

The National Center for Responsible Gaming reports one percent of the population has a severe gambling problem. They also state that most people with a gambling disorder have other psychiatric or substance abuse disorders with gambling addiction symptoms resembling some of the same criteria for substance abuse. Gambling disorders affect people of all ages, including teens and…

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