How (and why) Does Addiction Develop?

By Darryl Stevens | November 27, 2019

Treatment for addiction is never entirely straightforward, particularly because the reasons that influence addiction are never straightforward. It’s a twisty and complicated path from the get-go. Some people respond better to cognitive behavioral therapy because of issues with their self-esteem, a history of acquired or existing anxiety and depression, and a general uneasiness with themselves and a loathing attitude towards life in…

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Sobering Up For The Holidays

By Darryl Stevens | November 26, 2019

The prospect of sobering up is daunting because drug addiction often makes people forget how to be sober. That isn’t just an exaggeration – it’s based on scientific fact. When the brain undergoes consistent and prolonged drug use, it gets damaged. And that brain damage extends beyond problems with cognition and problem solving, but goes deeper into…

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When Meds Turn Deadly: Prescription Drug Addiction

By Darryl Stevens | November 22, 2019

An estimated 20 percent of the US population has, at one point or another in their lives, tried an illicit or legal drug for nonmedical purposes. Yet even more astoundingly, over half of the country is taking prescription medication for one chronic condition or another. Opioids have taken the news cycle by storm over the past few years, and…

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Temptation Is Always There

By Darryl Stevens | November 20, 2019

In days gone by, there arose an excuse of, “the devil made me do it.” The idea behind this phrase is that there are always nefarious spirits lurking about, whispering in our ears, and encouraging us to do things that are against our own self interest. Temptation, in this world view, is the manifestation of…

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Surviving Thanksgiving Sober

By Darryl Stevens | November 15, 2019

For some, the thought of the upcoming holidays produces an exciting, joyous, feeling. For others, thinking about the impending celebrations produces a sense of dread. Whether you view the holiday events as a blessing, or an obligation, your continued success along your journey of sobriety depends on your preemptive tactics. Planning ahead for situations where…

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Why Opioids Are Still A Problem

By Darryl Stevens | November 13, 2019

Pharmaceutical companies are in the news quite a bit, lately, regarding being held accountable for contributing to the opioid epidemic in America. There are many who blame these industries for not being open about the dangers of the drug before putting them out into the market for doctors to prescribe. The government has been pushed…

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Looking Forward To A Brighter Future After Recovery

By Darryl Stevens | November 8, 2019

Starting out on the road to sobriety is an exciting time. Dreams and hopes tend to come easily, as all of the possibilities for a future without drugs and alcohol appear bright. As your journey moves on, it is important to not lose sight of those initial hopes. The following is a list of some of…

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The Dangers of “Designer Drugs”

By Darryl Stevens | November 6, 2019

The term, “designer drug,” tends to conjure up images of something cool and hip. In actuality, all that the phrase refers to is the fact that an individual designed – or manufactured – the drug. Designing a drug means that the original chemical structure and resulting effects of a substance has been altered by someone…

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