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The Heights Promise: The Highest Standards in Care & Content

As a well-respected treatment center in Los Angeles, California, and Houston, Texas, we understand what it means to be your trusted source of medical information.

At The Heights Treatment, we put our clients’ health and safety first, with only the highest dedication and care. We pour this same care into our online content, ensuring that we remain your go-to source of medical information for years to come.

Four Ideals We Stand For


Something at the forefront of our minds is always accessibility of care and accurate, trustworthy medical information. We believe that access to quality, reliable care is a right, not a privilege. 

That is why we strive to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels heard and understood. It is also why we endeavor to ensure all content we put forward is clear, concise, accurate, and easy to understand.


Along with the accessibility of accurate information is the consistency and reliability of that information. Our patients deserve to rest assured that the information we provide is accurate not once but every time. 


It cannot be restated enough; the accuracy of information is critical. It is essential that without it, we would not be able to continue serving you in the way we do. We understand that accuracy in medical information can be quite literally the difference between life and death, and we strive to provide only the most current and relevant medical information. 


There exists a stigma against those who struggle with substance abuse disorder and mental health disorders. That is why we strive to tailor our care to each individual’s needs in a way that makes everyone feel welcome.

How Some of These Ideas Translate to Our Editing Process

Ideas are essential, but what is more important is how we put them into practice. Below are four ways in which we incorporate these ideals into actions:

Consistency of Information Requires Consistency of Contributors

Consistency of information and content starts with the content’s creator. That is why we screen each individual who produces our content to ensure they hold only the highest medical certifications. This extra layer of expertise helps us give you consistent, quality content every time.


Accessibility of Information Requires Review

We review every article and all content we produce to guarantee all information is clear, concise, and easy to understand.


Inclusivity Requires Inclusive Sources

Inclusivity begins at the source. To be inclusive, we must ensure that the sources we use are reliable and take diversity into account on a scientific level. We know that blanket treatment is not effective; instead, we treat every unique individual for who they are: a unique individual with unique needs and wants.

In addition, we verify each source to ensure that we only use reliable, accurate information backed by the most current medical science. This means that we only cite governmental agency sources, scientific, peer-reviewed journals and medical case studies.


Accuracy of Information Requires Continuous Review

Medical science changes over time, and so too, must our content. That is why we continually review our content to guarantee that all information we put forward is accurate and current.


Thoughts on How We Can Improve?

If you or a loved one have any concerns regarding our review process or thoughts on how we can improve, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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