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The Intensive Outpatient Program Los Angeles Families Trust

At The Heights, eachclient’s holistic wellbeing is our primary objective. Success in recovery and healing begins with whole-person care and treatment. Our individualized intensive outpatient treatment plans are designed for those who want to feel better, stay healthy, and stay safe but don’t require residential treatment.

Our clinical staff gives clients the clinical attention they need with the flexibility they want in their schedule. It’s the environment that’s most conducive to lasting recovery while also still offering the comforts of a normal daily routine.

We’ve structured our clinic to help clients struggling with mental health concerns as well as those seeking assistance with substance use disorders by offering comprehensive and compassionate outpatient rehab. Los Angeles clients and families trust the team at The Heights to guide recovery while still supporting the need to uphold family obligations, career obligations, or finish school.

If you or a loved one are struggling with mild or severe mental health concerns or substance dependence, don’t wait until symptoms intensify. Call today.

Who Benefits from iop?

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. During the process of mental health treatment and substance use disorder recovery, clients uncover much about themselves, their past, their personality, and this is not an easy path for sustainable recovery when faced alone.

Many of the issues clients face during recovery are circumstances or triggers that played a role in their need for mental health care or their dependence on substances in the first place.

This is the place to feel feelings that have suppressed and work through them methodically and effectively. This is the placbeen e to process experiences in a safe space. Intensive outpatient is the place to overcome addiction.

Undertaking this journey is no small task. Attempting it alone could resurface previous stumbling blocks and hinder a client's ability to continue in their sobriety or healing.

Intensive outpatient programs are designed for clients who have already completed a medical detox as well as inpatient treatment, or for people who do not yet require that intensity of care. If a client is still actively dependent on their substance or it is still in their system, an intensive outpatient program will not be a good fit.

In some cases, clients come to us who have gotten sober on their own and are looking for long-term support, treatment, and accountability. Each client will undergo a detailed and comprehensive evaluation to determine the best course of action for their individual treatment.

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look like?

The Heights IOP program at our Los Angeles drug rehab offers programming that runs 3 to 5 days a week for 3 hours each day. This gives clients the structure of being involved in consistent, daily treatment while still offering the flexibility of living in their own home or another supportive living environment.

What Does an IOP Program Treat?

Our LA-based IOP program treats individuals struggling with a multitude of conditions and dependences that cover a wide array of mental health issues and substance-related concerns.

From mental illness to alcoholism and substance abuse, our clinical team is both compassionate and experienced in how they approach treatment.

You can expect judgment-free care in a peaceful, comfortable environment filled with supportive and capable staff.

We also offer other levels of care including IIP, PHP, OP, and Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles.

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facilitated healing through outpatient care

A person's mental health is the foundation for how they live the rest of their life. It is how they process everything they think, feel, and do.

When confusion, fear, anxiety, or dysfunction get a foothold on one's mental health, the ability to process and cope with life circumstances can become inhibited and increasingly difficult.

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For those struggling with mental health disorders such as anxiety, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and various levels of trauma, even routine occurrences can be difficult to manage on a daily basis.

The answer to so many of these issues is getting quality and consistent, intensive outpatient care. The Heights was founded to foster recovery and growth. Our goal is to restore the overall well-being of each client, not simply “fix” anyone presenting concern.

Clients will learn a variety of positive coping skills to help them restore their life and daily patterns to where they want them to be.

Take the First Step Towards Healing With an
intensive outpatient program in California

The suffering in the adult population due to substance use disorders and dependence is reaching critical mass.

Every person who develops a dependence does so for a different reason, be it a mental health issue, experimentation, or due to influence.

Treating the person for the root cause of the dependence is a crucial part of a whole-person path to healing and recovery.

From any form of substance abuse or alcoholism to process addictions, including but not limited to sex, love, gambling, and gaming, our qualified and expert clinical care teams, are well equipped to compassionately care for each individual without judgment.

Getting help with substance abuse or processing addiction is the beginning of a long-term recovery plan to restore health and hope.

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At The Heights, our LA-based IOP programs have been designed to ensure that our clients receive evidenced-backed and recovery-driven care and support. Reach out today to start the process of recovery and healing for yourself or a loved one.