What Is An Outpatient Program?

The Heights Treatment’s outpatient program (OP) is ideally suited for patients who need continuing care after having completed a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP.) This is the opportunity to relax into a less intensive level of care. Ideal OP candidates are independent and able to manage their own schedules and transportation.

The goal of our OP is to provide clients with a slow and strategic reintegration path back into everyday life and give them more freedom to restore their daily routines. Our program provides clients the opportunity to maintain weekly individual therapy sessions for one hour each.

They will also benefit from the continued accountability of a group check-in session with their peers on a weekly basis. The intention of this accountability is to help them maintain their sobriety and to build a support network of sober connections.

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What Can An Outpatient Program Help Me With?

The team of qualified experts at our Los Angeles treatment center is adept at assisting patients with anything from mental health treatment for depression, anxiety, personality disorders, or trauma and stress disorders. We’re also well-equipped to treat clients with addictions to drugs, alcohol, love and sex, gambling, and technology.

Ideally, the outpatient programming is for a client who has already progressed through a partial hospitalization program or IOP program and is looking to maintain support and sobriety or care. If you or a loved one have not yet undergone a medical detox or IOP, we may need to establish a higher level of care before initiating outpatient programming.

In order to determine what level of care is most suitable for the current state and concern, each patient must undergo a detailed assessment. After which, an individualized plan will be developed for long-term care and recovery.

What Does our Outpatient Program
Look Like?

Instead of being required to attend daily sessions, as with IOP and PHP paths, clients will have the freedom to schedule their own appointments and treatment sessions at a time that works around their life. This requires the patient to have a stable home or sober environment to go back to that will not put them at increased risk of relapse or hinder their recovery.

After a detailed initial assessment, each client will work directly with their Primary Therapist to create an ongoing treatment plan that is customized to their unique needs and specific circumstances. The client will continue to meet with their therapist once per week and make adjustments as needed.

That’s the beauty of individualized programming. Any or all of these beneficial modalities can be leveraged to help the patient develop coping and trigger management skills as well as establish mental and emotional strength to succeed in long-term recovery. In addition, we offer dual diagnosis treatment and specialize in treating patients with outstanding mental health conditions.

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How Is OP Different From IOP At The Heights?

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)  require patients to attend a minimum of three hours of treatment per day, five days per week. While this may be the intense level of care needed, it is more than many clients can commit to due to family or career obligations.

An outpatient program gives the freedom of schedule while still providing weekly support and access to a community of peers. Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous are also valuable resources the patient will have access to as part of their long-term recovery plan.

Don’t Wait for a Tomorrow That May Never Come.

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