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Family Therapy for Those in Addiction Treatment

Addiction doesn’t only affect the person suffering–the whole family unit experiences pain, stress, and worry. At the same time, the person undergoing addiction treatment is more likely to achieve full recovery with family support. Because the family dynamic is so important to recovery, it is crucial that everyone receives the care and support they need.

At The Heights Treatment, our goal is to help our families rediscover the balance of coexistence and self-care. With family therapy, it is possible to stabilize the family unit and create an awareness around the addiction and the maladaptive coping mechanisms it creates.

Through open and progressive dialogue, clients and their family members can grow and heal alongside one another during the recovery process.

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What Is Family Support Therapy?

In a recovery journey of healing from drug use, alcohol abuse, or mental illness, family support therapy involves restoring or establishing healthy communication, boundaries, and coping skills for the well-being of the whole family unit.

Often, family members become overly involved in their loved ones’ recovery. Conversely, some family members feel so overwhelmed or powerless that they withdraw altogether. Neither one of these approaches are healthy.

Through therapy, families are able to create a balance and heal together.

What Happens in Addiction Recovery Family Therapy Sessions?

In a family therapy session, family dynamics are addressed, as well as communication styles, family roles, and how each member of the support system is handling the recovery process of their loved one.

A family therapist helps to open lines of communication, unpack any underlying concerns, animosities, judgements, and fears, and helps to establish healthy boundaries.

Some sessions will involve the whole family while other sessions may be family members individually.

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Healing for The Whole Family

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, the whole family can be affected. Part of holistic substance abuse treatment is healing for both the individual suffering and their support system.

Your family can heal from the consequences of addiction. Our treatment center can help. Call and speak with a member of our admissions department to learn more about how addiction recovery family support can help strengthen your family unit and facilitate lifetime healing for everyone.

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Levels of Care at the Heights Treatment

Family involvement is integrated throughout treatment of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) at The Heights Treatment. Our treatment programs are scheduled during the day so that clients have the flexibility to return home and attend to family obligations between therapy sessions. The ability to commit to treatment while still maintaining home responsibilities helps to keep family connections strong and prevent feelings of resentment.

Individualized Intensive Program (IIP)

IIP is ideal for patients transitioning from a higher level of treatment or an inpatient program. This program offers evidence-based modalities and an integrative approach, but patients still have the flexibility to balance their recovery with responsibilities at work, home, or school.

Addiction Recovery Family Support in Los Angeles

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A PHP is an intensive level of outpatient care that’s ideal for patients transitioning from a residential treatment program or IIP. Patients still have the flexibility to tend to work, home, or school but benefit from a structured environment for treatment and care in our welcoming rehab center in Houston.

Family Therapy for Those in Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP is a good fit for patients who have completed IIP or inpatient treatment but may need more rigorous care than an outpatient program. This program can help patients who have taken the first step toward recovery on their own and need more long-term support, treatment, and accountability.

Family Therapy For Drug & Alcohol addiction in Houston

Outpatient Program (OP)

Mental health treatment programs provide evidence-based behavioral health therapy and psychiatry. A positive community of peer support, family therapy sessions, and a compassionate staff with an individualized, strategic plan. Patients learn skills like positive awareness, coping skills, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness in regular therapy sessions.

Family Therapy For Drug & Alcohol addiction in Los Angeles

Evidence-Based Modalities for Mental Health Conditions and Substance Dependency

Family therapy is only part of a holistic plan for treating the disease of addiction. Our outpatient treatment programs utilize evidence-based modalities that help treat the whole person.

Our treatment center takes a multidisciplinary approach to substance abuse and mental health treatment with a combination of individual therapy and support groups to empower each individual.

Some of our therapies include:

Family Therapy For Drug & Alcohol addiction in Los Angeles

FAQs About Addiction Recovery Family Support

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about family therapy and the role of the support system in addiction recovery.

What is the Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention Process?

The family plays an important role in relapse prevention. When families learn how to help their loved one implement coping skills, use mindfulness, and establish open communication, the risk of relapse decreases.

However, lifelong recovery is not linear. In the case of relapse, it is important that family members know how to recognize the signs.

How Can Family Members of Those in Active Addiction Practice Self-Care?

When a loved one is dealing with a behavioral health condition or drug addiction, it can be emotionally taxing. Is it crucial that family members practice self-care so as to not burn out and to protect their own mental health.

Establishing boundaries, practicing mindfulness, and attending their own individual therapy sessions can help family members cope with the stress of a loved one affected by addiction.

Are Friends Welcome at Family Therapy?

We recognize that not every family is made up of blood relatives. No matter if your support system is made up of your nuclear family or the family you choose, it is important that those affected by your struggle with addiction experience healing along with you.