The Heights Treatment believes that a key to helping clients recover from addiction is to encourage total family support for addiction treatment throughout the recovery process. Often, we find that a client’s family members are either overinvolved or too far removed in their loved one’s recovery. Active substance abuse and/or mental health issues often create friction within the family unit and may erode a sense of kinship and accountability between family members.

Our goal is to help our families rediscover the balance of coexistence and self-care. Through a collaborate approach, our team of therapists and family therapists liaise between clients and loved ones to establish healthy boundaries and effective communication.

Addiction is often referred to as a family disease, and as such, addiction treatment must address the concerns of the individual and those within their close network of support. Our hope is to stabilize the family unit and create an awareness around the addiction and the maladaptive coping mechanisms it creates. We strive to open a progressive dialogue so that clients and loved ones can grow and heal alongside one another