A Comprehensive IOP, PHP & OP Addiction Treatment Program




Our Philosophy


The Heights Treatment Houston was designed to provide the support, guidance, and community necessary for people to realize their fullest potential. Our treatment team works collaboratively on each client’s case, drawing from each clinician’s experience and expertise. Through a diverse mix of addiction treatments and therapies in a warm and safe environment, The Heights Treatment Houston helps clients rediscover a life of purpose and meaning.

What Makes Us Different


The Heights Treatment Houston blends evidence based practices and integrative therapies so that clients experience cutting edge therapeutic interventions which increase the likelihood of better treatment outcomes. We also work closely with our clients’ families, who typically find themselves over-involved in their loved ones life, and are increasingly frustrated as they find they’re not getting the needed support in their own recovery. Family support as well as family involvement is an essential and critical part of addiction treatment & recovery.

Family Support


The Heights Treatment Houston believes that a key to helping clients recover from addiction is to encourage total family support for addiction treatment throughout the recovery process. Often times, we find that client’s family members are either over involved or too far removed in their loved one’s recovery. Active substance abuse and/or mental health issues often creates friction within the family unit, and may erode a sense of kinship and accountability between family members.


Our goal is to help our families rediscover the balance of coexisting and self-care. Through a collaborate approach, our team of therapists and family coordinators liaise between clients and loved ones to establish healthy boundaries and effective communication.


Addiction is often referred to as a family disease, and as such, addiction treatment must address the concerns of the individual and those within their close network of support. By stabilizing the family unit and creating an awareness around the addiction, maladaptive coping mechanisms, and how to maintain an honest and progressive dialogue between members, clients and families can grow and heal alongside one another. Addiction simultaneously drives the addict, as well as the loving and affected bystanders, to behave and act in ways that serve neither party. We believe the key to success starts with helping both the client and their family alike in making the shift together, as a unit.