How to Start Journaling for Mental Health

How to Start Journaling for Mental Health

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can have a profound impact on your mental health. Here’s how to start journaling for mental health. Journaling takes on many different forms and is used for much bigger purposes, like improving mental health. Journaling today doesn’t necessarily mean writing on blank paper with pen or pencil.  In this…

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Exercise and Mental Health: The Key to Self-care

Exercise and Mental Health

As humans, we practice self-care every day. Unfortunately for some, self-care has been unhealthy. It includes working long hours at unfulfilling jobs, eating fast food and junk because it’s easy, skipping exercise. After all, you’re mentally and physically exhausted, you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years, and you rarely do anything fun. You…

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How to Celebrate Mental Wellness Month in the Workplace

mental wellness month

Have you heard of mental wellness month? Whether you are working from home or are back in the office, your workplace environment affects the mental health of your employees. Mental Health America’s Mind the Workplace 2021 survey found nine out of ten employees feel their workplace stress affects their mental health. Four out of five employees…

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How to Get to Know Yourself

how to get to know yourself

Do you feel like you are living in survival mode? Like you are reacting to what life throws your way rather than experiencing it on your terms? Do the emotions you portray externally not really match how you feel internally? Do you feel disconnected even though you are fully immersed in responsibilities? You are not…

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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During the Holidays

mental health during the holidays

While the holidays are a time for family, friends, and fun, they can also be a time of stress and anxiety. There’s shopping to do, parties to attend, food to cook. And then there’s the pressure from society that you should have everything just right: your house should be decorated beautifully; your table should be…

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The Correlation Between Addiction and Mental Health

addiction and mental health connection

Substance use and mental health disorders have a lot in common. They are both disorders of the brain that can become chronic the longer they go untreated. They can also interfere with daily functioning, preventing you from meeting obligations personally, professionally, and socially. When a person has both a substance use disorder and mental illness,…

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Sleep Deprivation and Mental Health

sleep deprivation and mental health

There is a clear connection between sleep deprivation and mental health. Sleep plays an important role in your overall mental health, as it provides a time for your brain to rest after each day and refresh for the following day. In this article, we’re exploring the connection between sleep deprivation and mental health. Overview How…

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Exercise and Mental Health: Creating a Healthier Life

exercise and mental health

Numerous studies have shown exercise improves mental health. One, in particular, found that participants had three to four poor mental health days a month relating to stress, depression, or emotional concerns. Among the participants who started exercising, the number of poor mental health days dropped by 40%. Exercise can be seen as a medicine for…

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9 Common Types of Mental Illness

types of mental illness

The National Institute of Mental Health reports one in five Americans have been diagnosed with mental illness. Meaning they have negative symptoms that affect how they think, feel, and behave. A person must meet specific criteria found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to receive a diagnosis. In this article, we’re taking…

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How to Journal for Mental Health

how to journal for mental health

Keeping a journal is a great way to record your daily activities, explore ideas, and develop a better understanding of yourself and improve your overall mental health. While some people prefer keeping a quick and simple gratitude journal, others prefer keeping a detailed, exploratory journal. There’s no right or wrong way to go about journaling,…

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