With PHP, IOP, and OP addiction treatment programs built around a variety of therapies such as CBT, EMDR, Healthy Sex, etc, Heights Treatment offers clients a diverse therapeutic environment where they can engage with, and learn from, other adults pursuing their unique roads to recovery. We encourage clients to immerse themselves in the collaborative and supportive Heights community. While individuals enter treatment for their own unique reasons and with their own specific recovery goals, the overarching ambition among clients is to be healthier and happier.

Woman speaking in group therapy session. Group therapy session.

Heights Treatment specializes in the treatment of a variety of issues from sexual addiction, substance abuse, Trauma and PTSD, to Dual Diagnosis, etc., and curates the most appropriate treatment programs for each individual. However, we believe that profound healing and self-work can be accomplished through a connected community. The bonds and sense of kinship that exist within Heights Treatment allows our clients to find greater resolve and fortitude during their recovery.

Clients receive group therapy each day they attend our program, with topics such as DBT skills, healthy relationships, recovery skills, emotional, spiritual, and relational sobriety, and grief and loss. We believe that education combined with the skills development to effectively implement what is learned in treatment, allows for profound growth and lasting change. Our goal is to provide clients with the insight and experiences while in our treatment programs that will allow them to maintain progress when they leave our offices. Group therapy offers individuals an opportunity to engage their peers in constructive dialogue, and ultimately, gain a greater perspective on recovery and the issues confronted while working through our treatment programs.

Heights Treatment is committed to the individual recovery process of each client. Clients will receive weekly individual therapy sessions with their primary therapist. In addition to the Primary Therapist, each client is assigned a Family Coordinator who assists the family as a system in healing relationships. At Heights Treatment, we strongly believe that treating the entire system as a whole helps to bring the most effective change in our clients.


The Heights Treatment in California and Texas work with most most private insurance plans. The Heights Treatment California is in network with Anthem Blue Cross, MHN & Health Net.



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