A partial hospitalization program (PHP), is an intensive level of care that’s ideally suited to clients just leaving a residential or inpatient treatment program. A PHP offers a monitored and structured environment for care and treatment while also offering the desirable flexibility of going home each night to friends and family.

Our partial hospitalization program is a good fit for clients looking for drug & alcohol treatment in Los Angeles who require an increased level of attention and structure but cannot commit to the time or cost of an inpatient or residential treatment program.

At The Heights, our PHP gives clients and their families the structure of an intensive program (5 days per week for approximately 6 hours per day) while still living in their own home or another sober living arrangement.

What Does a PHP Program Look Like?

At The Heights, we operate on the philosophy that there is no “template” or “cookie cutter” approach to treatment for mental health issues, substance use disorders, or a dual diagnosis. Each client brings a different experience to the program, and our clinical and therapeutic teams work diligently with each client to develop a treatment plan that is unique to the individual, their past, and their future goals.

Each client we treat must undergo a detailed and holistic personal and medical assessment before joining our PHP in Los Angeles. Afterward, a comprehensive and individualized care plan will be developed and implemented by their personal and family therapist. PHP is typically the first level in our continuum of care. After the PHP program is completed, patients have the option of entering an IOP program followed by a step down OP program.

At The Heights, we believe the whole family unit is essential to treatment and recovery. To ensure the success of each client and their family, part of our PHP program includes a designated Family Coordinator. This coordinator will work with all involved parties in order to facilitate healthy communication, support, and recovery for everyone.

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Every PHP client at our California will be given the opportunity to participate in our many various modalities of treatment. Here, we employ evidence-backed and recovery-driven therapies to help clients develop recovery skills. Some modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, shame resiliency, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, art psychotherapy, trauma-informed yoga, and healthy sex and love therapy.

Group therapy is a proven and valuable channel for peer and community support that is essential to client healing and recovery. Group sessions cover a myriad of topics and are designed to provide a safe place for processing and discussion.


Our based-in-LA partial hospitalization program is designed to help clients and families experiencing a myriad of conditions from mental health issues and substance abuse to co-occurring conditions. We’re here to advance healing and recovery.

Mental Health Conditions

Our clinical and psychotherapist care teams are experienced in a variety of modalities proven to help individuals with anything from anxiety or depression to PTSD or bipolar disorder. Our goal is to help those struggling with mental health disorders restore balance in their mind and in their life.

Substance Use Disorders

A substance dependence can occur for a myriad of different reasons. Some begin with innocent experimentation or a necessary prescription. Others stem from personal or professional instability or traumatic events. The best solution is a practical, evidence-based support system and proven treatments.

Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis or co-occurring condition is when a mental health condition exists in addition to a substance dependence. For example, a client who has a dependence on a prescription pain medication and who also struggles with anxiety would be considered someone with co-occurring conditions.

At The Heights, we specialize in helping individuals with a client-forward and holistic approach while addressing both the symptoms as well as the root causes.

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