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Individualized Intensive Programs (IIP) In Houston, Texas

The Heights Treatment: An IIP Program Designed to Align With Your Needs

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Lifelong Healing Is Within Reach

For individuals struggling with mental health issues or substance use disorders, it can be challenging to find the right kind of support needed to heal and restore balance. Many find it difficult to even identify the issues that they face. Others experience chronic conditions that have led to personal and professional challenges in life.

What’s the answer to resolving and growing beyond these challenges? How can one feel empowered to pursue the best version of themselves?

Let’s find out in our Individualized Intensive Program.

Who Is a Good Fit For Our IIP Program?

The Heights Treatment IIP program is ideal for anyone transitioning from a higher level of treatment or an inpatient program. Our IIP program offers a multidisciplinary approach to client care in concentrated doses while still giving the schedule flexibility to maintain home, work, or school obligations.

This process is characterized by the application of various therapeutic modalities, individual mentoring, and supportive or sober living. At our treatment facility in Houston, The Heights Treatment IIP program is executed over three phases within the 90-day timeframe. After a detailed and comprehensive admissions assessment, clients will be given a custom treatment plan beginning with the first phase.

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What Does Individualized Intensive Program Look Like?

At The Heights Treatment, we believe that you must be self-empowered to resolve unhealthy or addictive behaviors. You must develop a greater understanding of your own capabilities to advance the practices you desire. In light of this, we’ve designed specific programming over three months to intensify this understanding and help you learn and grow.

IIP Phase One

You will undergo as many as 10 private sessions per week comprising up to 6 hours of therapy per day across 5 days each week. You will also receive 2 hours of individual mentoring each week from Transcend Mentoring, in addition to the benefits of supportive living at Transcend Living.


IIP Phase Two

Phase two offers up to 7 individual sessions per week comprising up to 3 hours of daily therapy across 5 days a week. You will also receive 4 hours of individual recovery mentoring each week from Transcend Mentoring, in addition to the benefits of supportive living at Transcend Living.


IIP Phase Three

Therapy sessions are reduced to 5 private sessions per week, 3 hours of therapy per day over 3 days per week. This is followed up by 6 hours of individual recovery mentoring each week from Transcend Mentoring, in addition to the benefits of supportive living at Transcend Living.


What Does an Individualized Intensive Program Help With?

Any individuals struggling with any emotional or substance use related issues would benefit from our Houston-based IIP program. From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depression to alcoholism, drug addiction, or process additions, through our individualized intensive program Houston, we can help you or your loved one understand and overcome. Upon completion of an IIP program, patients are able to continue their recovery journey through our other levels of care including PHPIOPOP and Mental Health Treatment in Houston.

Healing Starts at The Heights

Why Do Houstonians Choose The Heights Treatment for Their Individualized Intensive Program?

If you have unsuccessfully attended another Houston IIP program with little to no success, you may be feeling defeated. Or, perhaps the restrictions on life in schedules were simply too burdensome. Now is the time to attempt a more intensive, customized treatment designed to suit each individual.

At The Heights Treatment, we are simply the educators and facilitators of personal breakthroughs. We believe that healing and recovery are most successful when attempted within the heartbeat of a thriving and supportive community.

Each member of our treatment team strives for personal and professional betterment as well as the betterment and healing of our clients. We have fostered an inspiring and sympathetic environment so every participant can focus on recovery.

Our recovery-driven modalities are evidence-based and highly effective. We approach each session as a new opportunity for skill and resilience development. Our IIP program in Houston is located in the heart of the city and is within walking distance of the natural beauty of Buffalo Bayou Park where participants can access hiking and biking trails, boat rentals and tours, and the Waugh Drive Bat Colony.

We believe that with our custom development of evidence-based treatment plans coupled with compassionate care and support, our clients can create the future they want. There is hope for themselves, their health, their career, and their family.

And it starts here.

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At The Heights Treatment, we promote evidenced-backed and recovery-driven care through strategic program implementation and judgement-free support. Reach out today to start the process of recovery and healing for yourself or a loved one.

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