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Start Fresh. Start Today. Start at the Heights Mental Health Treatment Center

When life begins, there are no fears. There are no internal obstacles or confusing uncertainties. At some point through the journey of life, that changes. For some, it begins in adolescence. For others, it’s later in life or after a traumatic event. Freedom and joy are locked away, held captive by an internal struggle.

One’s mental health is the framework for how to live life. It determines how decisions are made. It is the process by which everyone thinks, feels, and acts. Confusion, fear, anxiety, or dysfunction can take hold of one’s mental well-being, and the ability to process and cope with life circumstances becomes inhibited or impossible.

This is no way to live. There is a better way.

It’s Time to Rewrite Your Story.

If you or someone you love is battling a mental health disorder such as anxiety, a personality disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, or a trauma-related stress disorder, you do not have to fight alone.

The solution to these common yet debilitating issues is to seek and receive mental health treatment. The Heights Treatment Los Angeles was founded to facilitate healing and recovery for everyone who walks through our doors, whether they’re clients or family.

Our goal is to restore the overall well-being of each patient from the inside out. We’re not “fixing” anyone because no one is broken. They’re merely out of alignment with the best possible version of themselves.

As one of the premier mental health treatment facilities in Los Angeles, The Heights Treatment is here to help you or your loved one realign with who you are and who you want to be.

Through evidenced-backed and cutting-edge behavioral health therapy, peer support, medication management, and family therapy, our compassionate staff is experienced and adept at treating numerous substance abuse issues, mood disorders, and dual diagnosis conditions.

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You Deserve Healing

In any of our LA-based mental health programs, patients will learn a variety of positive awareness and coping skills in multiple weekly therapeutic sessions. These sessions are designed to help them restore healthy daily patterns and promote the existence they truly want to live.

CBT For Mental Health and Substance Use in Los Angeles

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) explores the correlation between one’s thoughts and subsequent feelings and behaviors. Our CBT therapists help the patient to uncover where self-destructive behaviors and unhealthy patterns stem from.

CBT has been scientifically proven to be effective for several mental illnesses, including anxiety disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.

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Neurofeedback For Mental Health and Substance Use in Los Angeles


Neurofeedback is also known as EEG Biofeedback. It’s a cutting-edge and non-invasive method for re-educating the brain to perform a more healthy and balanced way, free of medications.

The application of neurofeedback is designed to enhance the brain’s capacity to maintain flexibility, self-regulate, and smoothly alter between a relaxed state and an aroused state.

EEG biofeedback applications cover a wide range of disorders, including anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, add or ADHD, addictions, and stress disorders. It’s also proven effective for insomnia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), TBIs or head injuries, seizures, strokes, and for enhancing performance or meditation

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EMDR For Mental Health and Substance Use in Los Angeles

EMDR therapy has been around for over 35 years and was initially developed to treat PTSD. It is a structured therapy that allows the patient to experience bilateral stimulation while simultaneously targeting trauma memory.

The purpose of this therapy is to alter the way the brain stores this memory and reduce or eliminate the troubling symptoms that present when recalling a traumatic event.

EMDR has been used in the treatment of emotional dysregulation disorders such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

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Art Therapy For Mental Health and Substance Use in Los Angeles

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a marriage between the creative process and traditional psychotherapeutic techniques that advances the belief that all humans are creative by nature in some capacity.

It is designed to help patients recognize and address emotional issues through artistic self-expression and gain valuable insights into their own behavior while developing new coping skills.

Art therapy is a beneficial modality that has proven successful with many different mental health conditions, including schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.

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Mindfullness For Mental Health and Substance Use in Los Angeles


Mindfulness is a simple and holistically driven concept that advances living in the moment and being wholly present. This is a method of overcoming the constant worry that many of our clients face on a daily basis.

Often combined with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness helps patients cope with their feelings and think clearly to reduce racing thoughts, stabilize moods, and ease anxiousness.

This approach has proven beneficial for patients with Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, C-PTSD, generalized anxiety, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

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How to Get Started With Mental Health Treatment At the Heights Depression Treatment Center in Los Angeles.

At The Heights Treatment, it’s important to us to create a process that reduces confusion and stress. After the initial consultation, new clients will undergo a series of assessments designed to develop a custom plan that has the strongest chance of success for that individual.

Working with our staff, patients and families will receive high quality therapeutic care, medication management, and guidance for supportive living tailored to their unique needs.

Clients and families will be presented with either an Individualized Intensive Program (IIP), a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), or an Outpatient Program (OP), depending on the stage and severity of the client’s mental health condition or substance use disorder.

The goal is for each patient to establish healthy coping mechanisms or remove the substance from their daily routine in order to restore the positive balance in their life. To give and advance hopefulness and propel them to new heights in life. To give the space and the tools to heal and maintain recovery.

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It Starts Here–and It Can Start Today.

What Happens After Mental Health Treatment at The Heights?

All of our individualized care plans are designed to establish a supportive aftercare path that helps the individual maintain their progress.

This could include ongoing individual or group sessions, continued medication management, referral to a sober or supportive living environment, and establishing an emergency plan should the need arise.

What About Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

As a premier mental health treatment center in Southern California, The Heights Treatment is well-equipped to treat and care for patients with a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition as well as a substance use disorder.

It is an unfortunate reality that while one presenting condition may not cause the other, they can each exacerbate the symptoms and severity of the other.

Many of our therapeutic modalities are suitable for treating both diagnosis and are essential for holistic health and healing

Call today. Heal for life.

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At The Heights Treatment, every one of our LA-based mental health programs has been designed to ensure that our clients receive evidenced-backed and recovery-driven care and support. Reach out today to start the process of recovery and healing for yourself or a loved one.

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