Family Roles in Addiction for Recovery

Family roles in addiction for recovery

It’s true when you hear people say their family played a role in their addiction. Everyone affected by addiction plays a part in either helping them maintain their addiction or recovery. But, how do we define family roles in addiction for recovery, and what effects do they have? 6 Types of Family Roles in Addiction…

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How to Be Sober and Keep Your Friends

How to be sober and keep your friends

Hanging out with friends helps you let go of the personal and professional stressors from the day. Drinking, laughing, and socializing can be fun. Too much of this fun can become a problem, and you may consider taking some time off and enjoying a sober lifestyle for a while. You wonder if your friendships will be the…

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The Many Benefits of Being Sober

A group of young men reaping the benefits of being sober

Getting sober is not easy, but the effort you put into it pays off — such as gaining all the benefits of being sober. Your mind clears, and you can focus on things other than alcohol or drugs. You can accomplish tasks and fulfill responsibilities because your days are not filled with seeking and using…

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How to Break an Addiction

how to break an addiction

It’s hard to break an addiction, especially when your brain doesn’t want you to stop. Becoming addicted is easy. You consume a drug, drink alcohol, gamble or game, and win. These actions create a reaction in the brain that makes you feel good. When you win, or a substance like alcohol or opioids enters the…

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How to Help a Family Member with Drug Addiction

how to help a family member with drug addiction

It’s not easy watching a family member struggle with drug addiction. Substance abuse and addiction have a detrimental impact on nearly every aspect of life, resulting in changes in relationships, financial stability, and employment. If drug addiction is ignored, it will likely only get worse. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how…

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Family Support for Addiction Recovery

Family Support for Addiction

Family support is an important part of addiction recovery, especially for people who may need to distance themselves from their friends, locations, and other sources that influence addictive behavior. In this article, you will discover the benefits of family support for addiction recovery. Family Support for Addiction Recovery When someone in the family is addicted…

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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Los Angeles

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Los Angeles - heights

If you’re interested in helping a friend or family member struggling with addiction in Los Angeles, there are several approaches to consider. It’s important to consider each one of these approaches, as each provides specific benefits. In this article, we’re looking at several approaches to drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles. Drug and Alcohol…

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6 Tips for Staying Sober

tips for staying sober

If you’ve overcome a problem with addiction, you may find it difficult to avoid triggers and stay the course. You’re not alone. Staying sober is not an easy thing to accomplish, but it is possible. In this article, we’re sharing several tips for staying sober. Tips For Staying Sober Sobriety is good, but good things aren’t easy…

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The Benefits of Spirituality in Recovery

spirituality in recovery

There’s a reason why so many people with addiction problems turn to spirituality in recovery. It’s a place of calm, self-development, and inspiration. In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of spirituality in recovery. Spirituality In Recovery While dealing with your addiction, you were unaware of yourself or anyone around you. Your drug – your…

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