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Begin Your Journey Toward Healing

Embark on your path to healing with The Heights Treatment, where we offer a range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, including IIP, PHP, IOP, and OP, as well as comprehensive mental health services. Our treatment plans are meticulously crafted for individuals who require consistent support to maintain progress, enhance well-being, and achieve lasting health without the need for a residential treatment environment.

Our clinical and care teams offer Individualized intensive programs and partial hospitalization as well as other treatment options. Each drug rehab program at our LA facility offers the clinical attention required and flexibility in the recovery schedule, as opposed to inpatient or residential options. These programs are the best option for mental health patients and those seeking drug and alcohol rehab. Los Angeles clients and families seek out The Heights when they need help–but also need to be present for family and career obligations.

The Heights Los Angeles Drug Rehab & Mental Health Treatment

Why Los Angeles

Why Choose Los Angeles for Your Addiction Treatment

The Los Angeles area, particularly West Los Angeles and Santa Monica, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and a supportive community, making it an ideal location for those seeking a fresh start and a path to lasting recovery.

Soothing ocean breezes roll through the city and you’re never far away from a stunning beachfront. The natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the area can provide a peaceful backdrop for those on their journey to recovery. Being in such an inspiring setting helps clients to focus on their healing process, away from the stressors of daily life.

Ideally situated off the 405 and not far from Los Angeles International Airport, The Heights Treatment offers comprehensive, tailored treatment in a beautiful, convenient location.

The area immediately surrounding our drug rehab offers a variety of nearby food, entertainment, and natural resources. The center is close to Sawtelle Boulevard, known for its trendy shopping and diverse eateries. And the Olympic Center, where The Heights Treatment is located, offers excellent views of the Pacific Ocean, Downtown Los Angeles, Century City, and Beverly Hills. The scenic surroundings and accessible outdoor spaces encourage relaxation and contemplation, essential components of a holistic recovery approach​​. The combination of local amenities and natural beauty makes our rehab in Los Angeles highly conducive to recovery.

Drugs in Los Angeles (The Impact)
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Los Angeles Facility Amenities

The Heights Treatment facility is housed in an office building with an outdoor patio. Its amenities include dedicated group rooms, workspaces, and a lounge space.

The facility is conveniently located in West Los Angeles right off the 405. The facility is just outside the popular Santa Monica neighborhood, within a 10-minute drive of the beach, and walkable to plenty of grocery stores and restaurants.


What Our Los Angeles Rehab Alumni Are Saying

I gained so much insight and healing from their holistic approach to recovery. I even got EMDR therapy as a part of my treatment (would personally recommend this modality for trauma and PTSD). From the top down, the staff are a lovely bunch of people. I won't name them here, but they know who they are 🙂

Patrick YatesAlumni

I was very impressed with The Heights and their amazing clinical team. Their program is truly holistic and client centered. The environment in Santa Monica felt very warm. Samantha and Susie made me feel very welcomed. I highly recommend their outpatient program.

Remy OlivierAlumni

Heights Treatment is an incredible place! The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. The campus had a warm feeling to it. When I went on a tour I could immediately tell that amazing things were happening within those walls. I would definitely recommend sending a loved one who is going through struggles to Heights Treatment in LA.

Jay MortonAlumni

The Heights Treatment team is so helpful and knowledgeable. They worked closely with my family to help my sister when she was in need of treatment and struggling with her depression. They got her on the right medications and she has been doing well ever since.

Eric RievleyAlumni

The Big Picture of Substance Abuse in LA and California

Substance abuse in California and Los Angeles continues to be a critical issue, characterized by increasing rates of drug and alcohol overdoses. The California Overdose Surveillance Dashboard provides comprehensive data on overdose outcomes in the state, including deaths, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations, as well as opioid and other drug prescription data. Although the full-year 2022 data are not yet available, the preliminary data from 2022 and the final data for 2021 highlight the severity of the issue1​​.

In Los Angeles, the overdose crisis is particularly acute. According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, seven to eight people die every day from an overdose in the county, with approximately half of these overdoses caused by fentanyl. This alarming statistic underlines the urgent need for effective and accessible drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in the region​​.

These statistics underscore the essential need for comprehensive substance abuse treatment and prevention programs in both California and Los Angeles. Tackling the complexities of drug and alcohol addiction requires a multifaceted approach, including the availability of quality healthcare, robust support services, and targeted community-based interventions.

Treatment Team

The Heights Treatment Los Angeles Rehab Team

Medical Director M.D
Primary Therapist LMFT
Primary Therapist AMFT
Primary Therapist AMFT
Case Manager

Programs & Services

At The Heights Treatment, we believe healing and recovery are most successful when attempted together. Each client is assigned a Primary Therapist as well as a Family Therapist.
The client and the Primary Therapist meet for between one and five individual therapy sessions weekly, depending on the level of care. Together, client and therapist work to create an individualized treatment plan customized to the unique needs of each client.

Our clinical staff is equipped and experienced in helping clients who suffer from substance abuse, alcoholism, and process addictions, including but not limited to sex, love, gambling, and gaming.
Our mental health treatments can help clients with a wide variety of issues, including trauma, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

Our treatment programs may include but are not limited to, the following:

Specialized Programs

Groups & Activities

  • The Goals Group
  • Expressive Arts
  • Shame and Vulnerability
  • Art Therapy
  • Improv for Recovery
  • Anger Management
  • Yoga

Ongoing Support

  • Relapse Prevention

A Drug Rehab in Los Angeles Designed for You

A core principle here at The Heights Treatment is to ensure every patient is comfortable in their environment and confident in their recovery and their addiction recovery journey.

Our team of intake specialists offers one-on-one consultations to determine what approach is best for every patient’s unique circumstances, mental health history, substance use, and overall health and well-being. We have individualized care plans that are designed to see every patient through the whole process.

We’re ready to consult over the phone, or we’re happy to see you in our office and get started on the journey to recovery right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Heights Treatment Los Angeles

Should I Travel to Los Angeles for Addiction Treatment?

Choosing Los Angeles for addiction treatment could be beneficial due to its diverse and high-quality treatment options, experienced healthcare professionals, and supportive recovery community. The city’s varied environments can enhance your recovery experience. However, consider factors like cost, distance from your support network, and whether the local culture aligns with your needs. Deciding to seek treatment away from home can offer privacy and a fresh start but should be based on how well the destination matches your personal recovery goals.

What Happens at The End of Rehab?

What happens at the end of your stay at a drug rehab in Los Angeles (or anywhere else) depends on where you’re at in your recovery journey. It also depends on the assessment of your treatment team. For instance, if you’re finishing treatment at an inpatient facility, you could transition to outpatient treatment. If you’re finishing up with outpatient rehab, your clinician might refer you to support groups in the area. What happens at the end of your rehabilitation at The Heights Treatment Center can vary and may be customized to your needs.

What’s the Difference Between Residential and Outpatient Rehab?

The main difference between residential and outpatient treatment is the structure and intensity of care. During residential treatment, also known as inpatient care, patients remain at the treatment facility around the clock. Residential rehab is designed for patients with severe mental health disorders and/or substance use disorders who require 24/7 support.

During outpatient drug rehab, individuals can sleep in their own beds each night and attend treatment sessions at the facility. Typically, these patients may attend treatment for a few hours per day or per week, depending on the program. Outpatient treatment is designed for individuals with less severe addiction and/or mental health disorders. It is often a step-down level of care after completing an inpatient program.


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