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Ambien is a relatively common sleep medication and a powerful tool for people with acute insomnia. The problem is that Ambien is one of many drugs also used recreationally because it can create a feeling of euphoria in the people using it. 

Other people might use Ambien because of its reputation for reducing the negative side effects of other drugs. 

However, all non-prescribed use of Ambien isn’t just illegal; it’s also very dangerous. Most people looking to use Ambien without a prescription, or more than their prescription allow, source the medication from unregulated and unlicensed dealers, which introduces many risks. 

Wanting to use Ambien without a prescription or more than your prescription allows can also be a serious sign of medication addiction. It may signify that you need additional help and support to overcome that addiction. 

Let’s talk about the risks of buying Ambien online, why buying Ambien online is a sign of addiction, and what you can do if you realize you do have an addiction. 

What Are The Risks Of Buying Unprescribed Ambien Online

Many people turn to the internet to source medications, especially if they’re looking for cheaper options than going to the local pharmacy or getting medications without the huge markups for brand-name prescriptions. 

Getting medications like Ambien online is okay when done safely and through a reputable licensed pharmacist, with a doctor’s prescription and oversight. Buying Ambien online isn’t always bad if you use it properly and have the medical supervision you need. 

The problem is that there are a lot of online retailers that look legitimate but that don’t have the required licenses or expertise needed to dispense medication. 

Lacking the proper certifications and experience means that those retailers are more likely to make mistakes even if they mean well. 

Worse, some retailers don’t mean well and are looking to profit from people seeking medications online. 

Pharmacy sites online can be fronts for drug cartels and dealers, especially sites that don’t require a doctor’s prescription before dispensing medications. 

Sadly, because Ambien is also used recreationally, it’s more likely than some other medications to be sold by a drug dealer. 

Here are some of the specific risks that come with buying Ambien online. 

Remember, it’s important to do your research before buying any medication online. At the very least, make sure you’re buying from a licensed and approved pharmacy that’s allowed to ship medications to consumers in your country. 

No Guarantee That You’re Getting Ambien

One of the biggest risks of buying Ambien online is that you may or may not get the right prescription. Many places that sell Ambien rely on cheap unlicensed labor, which can lead to mistakes. 

Especially if you’ve never used Ambien before, you might not realize that you’ve received the wrong pills. 

It helps if you get the normal informational packet with your medication, but the pill descriptions may have been altered. 

In the best-case scenario, you might get a generic version of Ambien instead of the name-brand drug. In the worst-case scenario, you might get a completely different medication or a street drug that puts you at greater risk of addiction. 

May Not Be Able To Verify That The Drug You Receive Is The Correct Dosage

Another big problem with online drug retailers is that they might not give you the correct medication dosage. 

That’s especially important with sleep medications like Ambien because these drugs are depressants and can cause breathing problems and other serious issues when you take too much.

Taking too little can also be a problem. If the Ambien you’re sent has a smaller dosage than you need, you might be more likely to take more than one dose at a time, which can also lead to complications. 

Even if you don’t increase your dose to try and get the intended benefits, getting a smaller dose than you need means you aren’t getting the full benefit of the medication.  

Even Legitimate Looking Online Retailers May Be Unlicensed

These days, it doesn’t take much work to create a high-quality, professional-looking pharmacy website. That means that all scammers need is a few days of expertise from a Web Designer or the willingness to do the work themselves, and they’re in good shape. 

Even the best-looking online retailers may be fake unless you verify their licenses and credentials. 

Without Proper Pharmacist Supervision, You’re Risking Medication Interactions

Even the best online pharmacies rarely offer the same level of scrutiny as a traditional pharmacist. This is because these businesses are largely businesses of volume. 

Buying Ambien and other prescriptions online is often cheaper because those companies do so much business they’re able to cut labor costs and other overhead – maximizing profits while keeping prices lower. 

The downside of that business model is that there’s less chance of a pharmacist noticing a potentially toxic medication combo, and there’s less oversight of individual accounts, to begin with. 

It’s also often harder to speak to the pharmacist in these companies, making it harder to get safe answers to any questions about your medication. 

Using Online Drug Retailers Gets Around Doctor Supervision

Another big problem with using online pharmacies and drug retailers is that you can often get medications your doctor didn’t prescribe or in amounts your doctor wouldn’t approve. 

Especially if you have any medical problems or chronic illnesses, doctor supervision on which medications you’re using and how much you’re using is critical for keeping you safe. 

Many People Buying Ambien Online Are Self-Diagnosing, Which Can Be Dangerous

Insomnia is no fun, and it’s understandable to want a solution if you’re dealing with insomnia regularly. 

The problem is that self-diagnosing yourself with insomnia, and looking to buy Ambien or other sleep medications online to deal with it, may cause more problems than it solves. 

For one thing, if you have something other than insomnia or another medical condition that causes your insomnia, you might delay proper diagnosis and treatment. Taking the wrong medication for an underlying issue can worsen the problem, even if your symptoms are more under control. 

looking to buy Ambien online may cause more problems than it solves

How Buying Unprescribed Medication Online May Be Pointing To An Underlying Addiction At Hand

One of the biggest problems with buying Ambien online is that it can be so easy that people don’t stop thinking about their use or how much they use. 

Normally, a doctor’s responsibility is to monitor patient use of medications, recommend new ones, reduce the dosage, or stop using entirely if a patient starts using more than recommended or begins showing signs of addiction. 

Without that supervision, you might be showing signs of addiction without even realizing what’s happening. 

The other big problem is that you can often buy Ambien online after your doctor has tried to reduce the amount of medication you use or recommended stopping altogether. 

In this case, where your doctor has already recommended you stop using Ambien, and you go online to get more, it’s more likely that you’re being motivated by addiction

Buying Ambien online also often allows patients to access more medication than they should. When this happens, doctors and your normal pharmacist have no way of knowing it’s happening, so you might not notice signs of addiction because they don’t know how much Ambien you’re using. 

It’s important to remember that all of these behaviors can be signs of addiction or that you’re trying to medicate for an underlying condition worsening over time. 

If you reach for Ambien more often, even if you don’t think you’re addicted, it’s important to talk with your doctor about what’s happening. Possible causes, treatments, and alternatives you can consider. 

How To Get The Treatment Help You Need If Addicted To Buying Unprescribed Meds Online

Whether you’re buying Ambien online or are using online retailers to get another prescription, it’s a good idea to check in with yourself about whether this is turning into an addiction or might turn into an addiction if you continue. 

It can be difficult to admit that you’re dealing with addiction for understandable reasons. 

Remember, there are a lot of reasons someone might become addicted. This isn’t necessarily a sign that there is something wrong with you or that you’re weak. 

You must reach out for help if you think you might be dealing with an addiction. You don’t have to get through this alone, and there are options for different kinds of help. 

The first step to getting addiction treatment is usually speaking with your primary care physician about your concerns and finding out what treatment options are in your area. Your doctor may also recommend the treatment they think would work best for your situation. 

From there, you’ll need to research the available options and decide which kinds of treatment sound best to you. 

Once you know what kind of treatment you’re looking for or even which providers you’re considering, it’s time to start reaching out. 

Most treatment centers will have intake guidelines to help match potential patients with the right programs. You may also need to wait a little while for placement, depending on how many beds are available in each program. 

Bed limitations help make sure every patient gets the individualized care and attention they need. 

Treatment options can range from individual therapy to outpatient programs to in-patient intensives with more interventions and care for patients. 

This can seem like a lot to handle on your own. It’s okay if you reach out to friends, family, or even social workers for more assistance getting into the program and getting the support you need. 

You’re not alone.



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