What Drugs Cause Dilated Pupils?

Dilated pupils, also known as mydriasis, are a common sign of drug use. Your pupils naturally dilate in response to various external stimuli, but certain drugs can change this reaction. Pupil Dilation & Illicit Substances Pupils dilate when reacting to changes in light, fixation, or external stimuli.[1] When you’re in a dark room, your pupils…

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Meth Addiction Symptoms: a Guide

What Are Meth Addiction Symptoms? Because meth is a stimulant, the most common meth addiction symptoms are increased energy, talkativeness, giddiness, and a fast heart rate. Some people may also experience mood changes, paranoia, anxiety, and dry mouth. Addiction symptoms may change and worsen the longer a person abuses this drug. First: What Is Meth…

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Does Suboxone Show Up On A Drug Test?

does suboxone show up on a drug test

Many things are happening in the prescription pain medication world right now. Pharmaceutical companies are always working on developing better, more effective, and less risky pain medications. At the same time, those same companies are working with policymakers and health experts to address the drug addiction problem.  One of the good things that come out…

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10 Strategies for Substance Abuse Prevention

10 strategies for substance abuse prevention

Whether you are trying to practice substance abuse prevention for the first time or preventing relapse, there are strategies to help. Like overcoming any other physical or mental health condition, it takes effort. If you aren’t constantly trying to stay sober, small triggers start to build upon one another, eventually overpowering you. Millions of people…

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How to Get Sober and Stay Sober

Man turns on faucet

If you’ve developed a bad habit with any substance, you may be interested in learning how to get sober and stay sober. This past year has been difficult for so many people for so many reasons. If you find yourself taking certain addictive substances, like alcohol, more often than usual, or you just want to…

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Effects of Substance Abuse on Family Members

Effects of Substance Abuse on Family

Substance abuse will quickly develop into addiction if ignored for too long. Addiction has a detrimental impact on the person abusing substances and their family members and friends. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the effects of substance abuse on family members and the impact on family roles. Effects of Substance Abuse…

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