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If you’re interested in helping a friend or family member struggling with addiction in Los Angeles, there are several approaches to consider. It’s important to consider each one of these approaches, as each provides specific benefits.

In this article, we’re looking at several approaches to drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

You may have a friend or family member you are sure is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You see them suffering and often sick. You see them slacking at work or neglecting their responsibilities at home. Perhaps you care deeply about them but are unsure how to get through to them. Perhaps the kind of relationship you have with them prevents you from saying anything outright. You may want to help your friend or loved one, but you’re not sure what to do. In these cases, drug and alcohol intervention may be necessary. 

You can find the right drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles if you know what to look for. First, it’s important to know a few types of interventions. Knowing the type you need will help you support the right drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles for you and your family or friend. 

If you want to host an intervention, you have several options. Here are several approaches to drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles.

Family Intervention

This type of intervention involves gathering family members, the addict, and a psychologist or therapist. There are mental health professionals who specialize in this type of intervention. For this type of drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles, loved ones aim to gently convince a family member to seek treatment right then and there. Everyone attending should make a point to extend their assistance and show they care. This can help prevent anger or feelings of abandonment by the addict and facilitate a successful intervention. Because sometimes, this kind of intervention can take a wrong turn.  The addict might feel accused by their family, and instead of admitting their drug use, they only become angry and withdraw. For this reason, it’s important to have mental health providers who can gently and professionally facilitate drug and alcohol intervention. 

Workplace Intervention

This is another type of drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles. As you can imagine, this type of intervention typically happens within the workplace. It is a gathering of employees, including the addict, and frequently includes a mental health professional. The experience may or may not be like family interventions in that they may not specifically address a person’s addiction. Yet, a supervisor might discuss the dangers of addiction and how that can affect employees in the workplace. That supervisor might also encourage anyone who sees alcohol or drug use to report it. A discussion of policies regarding a drug-free workplace might also be reviewed. If a person has been seen drinking or using drugs on the job, a more formal intervention may occur. This type of intervention might be more like the family intervention above, which specifically addresses the substance use of the addict. 

Crisis Intervention

This drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles is often done spontaneously because of an emergency. If friends, family members, and coworkers recognize that an addict is nearing a dangerous situation or even death, this intervention might be quickly organized. This kind of intervention aims to complete it before a person harms themselves or others any further. 

Organizing a drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles is possible if you are concerned about your friends or loved ones. Contact a mental health professional today if you need a drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles. 

Sober Coach in Los Angeles

If you are in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, you may be interested in a sober coach. If you live in Southern California, you can work with a sober coach in Los Angeles. A sober coach is like having a mentor. It is someone who can guide you through the challenges and successes of being in recovery. 

There are many benefits to having a sober coach in Los Angeles.

Here are a few of them:

Having a sober coach is a great way to stay in close touch with your sobriety. For instance, when you return to your Los Angeles home from a drug rehab facility, you may be vulnerable to risky situations that may jeopardize your sobriety. You may run into old drinking buddies or find yourself in a part of town that brings up old memories. However, a sober coach in Los Angeles can shield you from those risky situations, facilitating healthy decisions, serving as a reminder of your sobriety, and supporting your long-term goals.

Learn more about how to heal from addiction with a sober coach. Just like having a mentor in your career or in college, a sober coach in Los Angeles can be a guide in the delicate experience of recovery and how to manage challenging moments. Research shows that mentors are incredibly effective. A sober coach in Los Angeles can help you reach your sobriety goals as well as help you succeed in your life in general. 

A sober coach can provide the kind of relationship needed for success. Research shows that the biggest factor that helps a person make changes in their life is the quality of the relationships they have in their lives. Providing a supportive relationship, a sober coach in Los Angeles can believe in you, hold your vision for you, and encourage you to stay on the right path. A coaching relationship focused on strengths and support can facilitate well-being and achieving goals. In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): An important factor in the recovery process is the presence and involvement of people who believe in the person’s ability to recover. 

A sober coach can help a person create a solid foundation rooted in sobriety. It takes time to make the switch from addiction to sobriety. However, having someone in your life who has already made this change can help you achieve this goal. A sober coach in Los Angeles can help form a solid base to focus on sobriety. They can also offer a significant amount of support to stay sober. 

It should be noted that a sober coach is not a drug counselor. They do not know how to treat addiction, nor do they know how to facilitate therapeutic sessions. Along these lines, sober coaches are not licensed clinicians. They are not psychologists or therapists and, therefore, cannot treat trauma or early experiences that might have contributed to addiction. However, a sober coach in Los Angeles can offer hope, support, and encouragement and suggest strategies and resources for change. A sober coach can facilitate a life change so that you’re living sober, safe, and happy. 

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