What is high functioning depression

What is High Functioning Depression?

By Darryl Stevens | April 26, 2022

What is high functioning depression? Many people often confuse or misuse this term for persistent depressive disorder (PDD). Today, we’ll take a look at what high functioning depression really is, how it’s related to persistent depressive disorder, symptoms, causes, and treatment. Different Types of Depression, Different Symptoms It is possible for two people to have…

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What is alcohol dementia

What is Alcohol Dementia?

By Darryl Stevens | April 18, 2022

According to research, alcohol is a preventable risk factor for dementia, especially early-onset dementia. The study found that 57% of those with dementia were heavy drinkers. Alcoholic dementia was once referred to as alcohol-induced major neurocognitive disorder and can negatively affect your ability to think, store and recall memories, make good decisions, and control impulses. Another…

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How long does nicotine withdrawal last

How Long Does Nicotine Withdrawal Last?

By Darryl Stevens | April 11, 2022

Have you decided to stop smoking but struggling with the after-effects, or are curious to know how long does nicotine withdrawal last? Here’s what you should know. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every five deaths each year is caused by cigarette smoking. The CDC reveals cigarette smoking can…

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How drinking alcohol causes brain damage

How Drinking Alchohol Causes Brain Damage

By Darryl Stevens | April 4, 2022

Did you know drinking alcohol causes brain damage? Within minutes of consuming alcohol, it gets into your bloodstream and travels to your brain. Hence, there are stages of intoxication. With subliminal intoxication, alcohol enters the brain and begins affecting the parts that control talking, walking, balance, memory, and the ability to make good decisions. Neurotransmitters…

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How to be sober and keep your friends

How to Be Sober and Keep Your Friends

By Darryl Stevens | March 28, 2022

Hanging out with your friends helps you let go of the personal and professional stressors from the day. Drinking, laughing, and socializing can be fun. Too much of this kind of fun can become a problem, and you may be considering taking some time off and enjoying a sober lifestyle for a while. You wonder…

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How to stop smoking weed

How to Stop Smoking Weed

By Darryl Stevens | March 21, 2022

Recent statistics show 55 million Americans currently use marijuana. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, most Americans feel marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and prescription pills. While this may be accurate, you can still develop a marijuana use disorder. When you decide to quit smoking marijuana, you may experience withdrawal symptoms, which can sometimes lead…

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What are the signs of addiction

What are the Signs of Addiction?

By Darryl Stevens | March 14, 2022

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the resource used by addiction treatment professionals to diagnose substance use disorders (SUD). Currently, there are eleven criteria that help determine the severity of a substance use disorder. Someone who meets two or three criteria is considered to have mild SUD. Meeting four or…

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A friend learning how to communicate with an alcoholic

How to Communicate with an Alcoholic

By Darryl Stevens | March 7, 2022

Communication is hard to do even when there are no major obstacles. Alcohol misuse can be a considerable obstacle, especially when trying to figure out how to communicate with an alcoholic. Depending on how long someone has had an alcohol use disorder, they may not be interested in talking. However, the more you can introduce…

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stress and mental health

The Connection Between Stress and Mental Health

By Darryl Stevens | February 28, 2022

Are you feeling stressed lately? While normal levels of stress can actually be healthy, higher levels of stress can have a profound impact on your mental health and may even lead to an anxiety disorder. If you’re feeling higher levels of stress, it’s important you understand how it impacts your mind and body and take…

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A group of young men reaping the benefits of being sober

The Many Benefits of Being Sober

By Darryl Stevens | February 22, 2022

Getting sober is not easy, but the effort you put into it pays off — such as gaining all the benefits of being sober. Your mind clears, and you can focus on other things than alcohol or drugs. You can accomplish tasks and fulfill responsibilities because your days are not filled with seeking and using…

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