drug molly, also known as MDMA or Ecstasy

What You Should Know About The Drug Molly: How It Affects Your Brain & Body

By Amanda Stevens, BS | December 1, 2022

Molly, also known as MDMA or Ecstasy, is a popular but dangerous recreational drug. Using Molly is illegal in most places, including everywhere in the United States, and being a cause with Molly can come with serious legal consequences.  But, more important than the legal consequences for most users are the physical and mental consequences…

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Signs Of Porn Addiction: Side Effects Of A Porn Addiction & How To Get The Help You Deserve When Struggling With An Addiction

By Amanda Stevens, BS | October 17, 2022

The internet has made porn more widely available than ever. It’s relatively easy to access porn of a wide variety, in pictures, videos, stories, and other forms of media. People have access to porn that closely matches their preferences more than ever before.  Generally, porn isn’t a bad thing. People have been using porn and…

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What Are The Most Addictive Drugs? Side Effects & How To Get Help For An Addiction

By Amanda Stevens, BS | October 16, 2022

Some drugs are more dangerous than others, and some drugs are more likely to addict the user. It is important to understand how a drug can impact your health and how likely you are to get addicted if you decide to use it.  Many people think that drugs are all similarly addictive or that an…

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Why depression is more than being sad

Why Depression is More than Being Sad

By Amanda Stevens, BS | June 27, 2022

Sadness is a three-step process involving your brain, body, and behaviors. However, when it comes to depression, it’s more than just being sad. Physiological Response to Being Sad Suppose you are given the news that your best friend is moving across the country. Suppose you lose the pet that has been with you for years.…

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Family roles in addiction for recovery

Family Roles in Addiction for Recovery

By Amanda Stevens, BS | June 6, 2022

It’s true when you hear people say their family played a role in their addiction. Everyone affected by addiction plays a part in either helping them maintain their addiction or recovery. But, how do we define family roles in addiction for recovery, and what effects do they have? 6 Types of Family Roles in Addiction…

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9 signs you might be addicted to sex

9 Signs You Might be Addicted to Sex

By Amanda Stevens, BS | May 24, 2022

The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM5), created by the American Psychiatric Association, does not list sex addiction or being addicted to sex as a diagnosable mental health disorder. However, it exists and is a real problem for many Americans. Research suggests between 5% and 7% of Americans are affected by an addiction to…

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10 strategies for substance abuse prevention

10 Strategies for Substance Abuse Prevention

By Amanda Stevens, BS | May 16, 2022

Whether you are trying to practice substance abuse prevention for the first time or preventing relapse, there are strategies to help. Like overcoming any other physical or mental health condition, it takes effort. If you aren’t constantly trying to stay sober, small triggers start to build upon one another, eventually overpowering you. Millions of people…

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Gambling Addiction Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

Gambling Addiction Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

By Amanda Stevens, BS | May 2, 2022

About one percent of the population has a severe gambling problem. Most people with a gambling disorder have other psychiatric or substance abuse disorders with gambling addiction symptoms resembling some of the same criteria for substance abuse. Gambling disorders affect people of all ages, including teens and young adults. One report claims that online gaming among college…

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What is high functioning depression

What is High-Functioning Depression?

By Amanda Stevens, BS | April 26, 2022

What is high-functioning depression? Many confuse or misuse this term for persistent depressive disorder (PDD). Today, we’ll look at what high-functioning depression is, how it’s related to persistent depressive disorder, symptoms, causes, and treatment. Different Types of Depression, Different Symptoms It is possible for two people to have diagnosable depression but present with very different…

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How to be sober and keep your friends

How to Be Sober and Keep Your Friends

By Amanda Stevens, BS | March 28, 2022

Hanging out with friends helps you let go of the personal and professional stressors from the day. Drinking, laughing, and socializing can be fun. Too much of this fun can become a problem, and you may consider taking some time off and enjoying a sober lifestyle for a while. You wonder if your friendships will be the…

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